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In this day and age the trend of personalizing and customizing our belongings has become a huge, people view their home as their sanctuary so it isn’t surprising that were now starting to see personalized, custom paint jobs offered for residential homes. Custom paint jobs on homes are no longer just seen among the rich and famous, homeowners of all sorts, are getting into this growing trend of custom paint jobs for their home. Adding things like bold colors, brave statements, and colorful accents t, owners can show their character and creativity. Painting companies are starting to offer homeowners a larger variety of different types of custom paint jobs, interior and exterior. These skilled painters are taking on some of the most intricate custom paint jobs offered, some exteriors matching the ambiance of the neighborhood, or matching decor in the interior to harmonize with each other room, and some being unusual to a little weird, to just down right crazy! Most painting companies offer creative options, some of the most incredibly popular custom paint jobs for the interior of your home include, accenting a wall, it is when three walls are painted one color and the forth a different color with a boarder, this effect is meant to compliment your three walls. For creating mood and depth, you can have your walls creatively textured with “Faux Finishes”, using rubber- stamps you can have a unique pattern painted along your wall, or they will even use stencils to create a boarder along the top, bottom, or both, of your walls. Another very popular way people are able to personalize a custom paint job, is by murals, painters will now paint an entire wall with a single picture or design, turning it into a remarkable, one of a kind, work of art. You can have a whole room painted, all four walls, even floors, tile-work, and wood paneling can be painted to create a “themed room”; popular themes include cartoons, sports, and rock star themes. Painting services can use oil, acrylic, and latex paint, as well as different application techniques, such as brushes, rollers and even high-tech spray applications to make you custom designs and pictures come to life. Enamel, wood, and concert staining is now being offered to homeowners looking for custom paint job on the exterior of their home, turning drab, overlooked exterior walls into beautiful and unique, eye-catching focal points. So if you’re just looking to enhance the exterior of your home to give a decorative custom design, or completely having the interior of your home painted to match your style, you will find, options are almost endless with custom paint jobs.