Professional Painting Contractors in Moorestown

Clearing up Common Myths about Professional House Painters vs. Doing It Yourself

The Benefits of Hiring Professional House Painters


Changing the interior paint of a house can make a world of difference. Whether it is freshening up the existing colors, or completely changing the decor, new paint will make a homeowner feel much better about their house. 

For some people, painting their house themselves sounds like a fun project. It might be fun in the beginning, but interior painting is time consuming, detailed, and for most, not as fun as it looks. Hiring professional house painters ensures that the job will be done properly and, most likely, in less time than if it is done by the homeowner themselves. Professional painters have the proper equipment, know how to paint different textures, know what paint is best suited for the home, and know how to properly prepare surfaces. It is not a matter of just picking a color and brushing it onto the walls.

A good professional painter should be able to come in and give an accurate estimate. They are trained to know what kind of paint to purchase, and how much of it to buy, and have a good estimate of how many hours the job will take. Many professional painters have a good eye for color, and may be able to help with color choices when the homeowner is in doubt. Professionals should have the proper equipment to cover and protect furniture and floors. When getting estimates, homeowners should ask if the quote includes moving furniture. For some people, moving their own furniture is not a problem, for others, they may want the painters to do it.

When seeking a professional to paint their home, homeowners should be prepared to ask questions. Some things they may want to know are:

- Is the professional insured and bonded?

- How long will the job take?

- Can they provide references?

- Do they have a portfolio of prior jobs that you can see?

- Will they provide a written estimate? 

When possible, it is wise to use professional painters that family or friends have used and recommended. If this is not possible, there are many reputable painters, just be cautious and make sure to be comfortable with them before contracting them for the job.

In the long run, the benefits of hiring professional painters are worth the outcome for most people. Homeowners looking paint the interior of their home would be wise to consider hiring professionals.