Professional House Painting Contractors in Mr. Laurel


Painting contractors can make a home makeover look simple. Good ones are in and out before you know it. Their work is the result of years of experience, having the proper tools, and knowing how to use them.

The general thought seems to be that anybody can paint. Why bother using a painting contractor when the result can be the same if they do it themselves?

Non professionals can do a good job of painting, but it is often discovered early on that they have bitten off more than they bargained for. Hard to reach areas require renting or buying ladders and may be a safety hazard. The money saved by not hiring a painting contractor can be eaten up with unseen expenses including a possible trip to the emergency room.

Other problems for the do it your self type are knowing what kind of preparation is needed and what materials to use. Using the proper primer can save having to buy a larger amount of the more expensive finish paint. Often overlooked is the covering of areas not to be painted thereby creating more work and expense.

A good paint job consists of both:
  • preparation
  • application.

If the preparation is not properly completed the application will not be satisfactory. No amount of paint will cover up an area that has not been properly prepared. It will have to be "lived with" or done over.

Paint jobs that look good or acceptable when finished can still cause problems over time. Areas that are not properly primed can begin to peel or "show through," exposing defects in preparation. 

Special attention should be given to choosing the type of paint. The type of paint is as important as the color and brand. Different qualities of paint are offered within the same brand. Close attention must be paid to select a higher quality. Lower quality paint will require more coats and can fade over time.

If a painting contractor is used it is especially important to choose both the brand and the quality they will be using. The amount of thinning of the paint should also be specified in any contract with a painter. It goes unsaid that no matter how high a paint's quality excessive thinning will lower its effectiveness.

A final consideration before opting not to use a painting contractor is time. How fast the job needs to be completed, and what your own time is worth, are factors that are often overlooked. Taking time off from work to do your on painting might not be the best choice when compared to the amount of money saved.

The concept that painting is fun and easy usually fades within the first hour. Taking the time to consider all the factors is always wise. It comes down to hiring a painting contractor, or trying to do as good a job as one.